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DIZZYTEK Ignition Kits replace your points (contact set)

with an electronic module which fits under the distributor cap.

    * Eliminates the need to adjust & replace points

    * Ignition timing remains stable indefinitely

    * Uses the stock coil, 2.8 ohm or greater

    * Variable dwell feature keeps coil cool at low RPM and extends dwell for good top end performance

    * Leaving ignition on will not damage coil because primary circuit is not completed until distributor starts turning

    * Reasonably priced and easy to install

    * Kits include detailed instructions, 12 months warranty and backup service.

* Excellent after sales service on all aspects of Lucas distributors

Current applications include:

    * Lucas 45D4 & 59D4 (most British 4 cylinder from early 1970s)

    * Lucas 23 & 25D4 (most British 4 cylinder from early 1960s)

    * Lucas DM2P4 (most British 4 cylinder from 1951 on)

    * Lucas D2P4 (some British 4 cylinder from mid 1950s)

    * Lucas 22/25 D6 (most British 6 cylinder from early 1960s)

    * Lucas 20D8 & 35D8 (most British 8 cylinder from 1960s on)

The range is being extended all the time - please ask us

if YOUR model is available yet.

Please note:

    * Vehicle requires 12 volt negative earth electrical system

    * Distributor needs to be in good working condition prior to conversion


Never replace your points and condenser again !

Entirely designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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