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 World Leaders in Torque Tools


These world renowned top-of-the-range Dual-Signal Torque wrenches employ the principle of applying torque to a deflecting beam rather than a coil spring. This helps prolong wrench life, with a greater safety margin on maximum loading throughout the angle of each wrench.

The operator can see and hear when a Dual-Signal Torque Wrench reaches the selected torque. When working in a noisy situation, the signal can be seen; alternatively, if the operator cannot see the signal, he can hear it. In addition, the operator can usually feel when the signal mechanism releases.

The scale graduations are widely spaced and allow the operator to accurately pre-select the torque required.


Screen torque wrenches have been developed with the user in mind. They are very easy to set, with a convex screen magnifying the scale reading and displaying only one value at a time so that there are no errors in the torque setting. When the setting has been achieved it is locked in place so that accidental changes to the setting are impossible. Once the desired torque has been reached, the wrench will automatically reset itself ready for further use.


These are “State Of The Art” torque wrenches. The exclusive Torsion Beam Design provides long life and accuracy, and the exclusive bi-polar dual imperial and metric scales permits accurate reading of both scales.

With a large easy-to-read dial, they are equally accurate in both left and right hand directions. Fitted with a follower needle to record highest reading, they are easy to operate, and accurate to +/-3% in both directions.


There are 3 Detachable Head wrenches in the range of screen torque wrenches. These wrenches allow the convenience to choose between a large selection on open end, ring and ratchet heads.

They feature right & left hand operation, metric scale with metric/imperial conversion printed on the body of the wrench, a convex screen to magnify the scale, and a positive setting lock.

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